Self Paced Training Guidelines

Who can take the courses?

All 20four7VA staff and active and benched VAs (VAs who passed the initial vetting process but don’t currently have clients) can take the courses.

New VA candidates in the Initial Recruitment Process can also take the courses. These include:

  • Those who failed the 1:1 Skill Assessments
  • Those who applied to the Generic JD AND do not have enough work experience as a Virtual Assistant.
  • Those who applied to any of the open JDs AND were archived because they do not fit the JD they applied to.


  • For new VAs, you must start from the Virtual Assistant Training Road Map (VATRM) courses. You can choose from any of the three tracks, but you can only take one course at a time.
  • For benched VAs, you can take the courses upon the CE Team’s recommendation or validation.
  • For active VAs, please reach out to your CSO for validation.

What are the types of courses available?

  • VATRM - These are basic or entry courses that VAs must pass as prerequisites to Upskill courses.
  • UPSKILL - These are intermediate or advanced courses that can only be taken by staff or VAs who have passed the prerequisite VATRM course/s.
  • Special courses - These are courses in niche or specific topics that VAs can take as required by the client. They don’t necessarily have to go through the VATRM / Upskill courses. It is highly recommend that VAs to take the VATRM Admin before the Special course.

Note: All trainees should pass the VATRM courses before taking UPSKILL courses because these are prerequisites for higher courses. The trainees' eligibility to take UPSKILL courses will depend on which VATRM courses they pass. 

Can VAs enroll in multiple courses at the same time?

No, you have to complete one course before taking another course. VAs are given two weeks upon enrollment to complete each course.

How do I pass the training and become eligible for endorsement to clients?

80% is the passing rate for all self-paced courses.

  • For the VATRM Administrative Training Course, trainees must also pass four of six assessments.
  • Once you pass the self-paced training (three of five assessments), you must join and complete the Group Discussion Session where the Communications Assessment is done.
  • You must do this within two weeks of receiving the training results to move forward to the next stage.

How much time do I have to complete a course?

We strongly recommend you enroll immediately after receiving the training invite or the training link, and finish the course as soon as possible so you can be a step closer to being endorsed to clients.

We strongly recommend you enroll immediately after receiving the training invite or the training link, and finish the course as soon as possible so you can be a step closer to being endorsed to clients.

Who should take the Group Discussion Session?

The following are required to take this session:

  • All new applicants or trainees (those who haven’t gone through the Final Interview yet)
  • All candidates who pass three out of five Administrative Assessments - the Communications Assessment is conducted during the Group Discussion Session
  • All who enroll in Lead Generation, Construction VA and Graphic Design Basics.

How much time do I have to complete the group discussion?

VAs must book and complete the Group Discussion Session two weeks from receiving their email invite.

Group Discussion Invitation

Emails will be sent to those who need to take the Group Discussion Session.

Note: Failure to complete self paced course will result in trainees being tagged as failed or incomplete. Trainees who fail to complete a course can re-take the course after six months.

What happens if I don’t complete the Group Discussion Session within two weeks?

You will be considered FAILED. Should you wish to pursue job opportunities with us, you will be required to retake the whole course (starting from the self-paced modules) after 6 months.

Can a trainee register using different email addresses?

No, you must use the email address you used when you applied in 20four7VA (for new applicants) or your 20four7VA email ([email protected] for Benched and Active VAs). This will enable the 20four7VA team to associate your application to the training courses you have completed.

Why is there a time limit of two weeks, considering that the courses are self-paced?

20four7VA is committed to providing a fast turnaround time to clients needing VAs. We aim to endorse well-trained VAs quickly, so we set time limits to complete the courses.

Are certificates given to trainees after the training?

Yes, scorecards and certificates are given provided the trainee PASSED the Training. Results are sent to the trainee's email.

Trainees are also informed via email if they FAIL or are INCOMPLETE.